Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Notice To Post-JAMB/MPCE Applicants


      The following steps are to be taken for the online application process:

1.        From the home page of the College website (www.coedoroonline.com),

2.        Click on the "Apply For Admission" button a submenu under Quickview menu on the website, this will take you to the application page.


3.        On the application page, after filling in personnel information and PIN information, then click on the continue button, and the application will take you through the process.

          Please ensure that you carefully complete all information on application form correctly.

  • Application can only be said to have been completed IF AND ONLY IF the candidate has seen the Application Confirmation.
  • Applicants are expected to print the Application Confirmation page (the Last Page of the application). This serves as another proof of application and might be required.
  • On the data page, Click Browse to Select Passport Photograph and then Click Upload Picture to validate and display the passport.
  • Only jpg format is allowed for Passport Photographs and must be maximum of 10kb in size. The acceptable dimension is width: 275pixels or 35mm, height: 314pixels or 40mm.

  • Click the SAVE button to complete details that can be modified at subsequent access to the Application.
  • Click the NEXT button to save the entered data and move to next data page.
  • Click the CLOSE button will close the application page and take you back to the school website.
  • You can resume a previously or edit your application by selecting "Continue Application" submenu under Quickview menu on the website.


  • Use the same Serial and PIN number you use to start the application to continue the application




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