Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Students are encourage to socialize hence the College allows groups to     register as Clubs and Societies in the College.  Among those Clubs and     Societies registered in the College are the followings:

1.    Kegites Club
2.    Muslim Students Society (M.S.S.)
3.    Science Club
4.    Thrift & Credit Society
5.    French Club
6.    Literacy & Dramatic Society
7.    Sports Supporters Club
8.    Geographical Society (G.S.)
9.    Press Club (P.C.)
10.    Senior Staff Club
11.    Oke-Iroko Co-operative Society
12.    Man ‘O’ War Club
13.    Federal Road Safety Club
14.    Christ Beloveds Club
15.    Muslim Ummah Society of the College of Education (MUSCE) Oro
16.    Foto Club
17.    Ekiti / Oke-Ero Students Union
18.    Igbomina / Ekiti Students Union
19.    Okun Students Union (OSU)
20.    Ilorin Emirate Students Union (IESU)
21.    Egbe Akeko Ijinle Ede Yoruba
22.    Trade Union (NASU)
23.    Academic Staff Association (COEASU)
24.    Political Science Students Association    
25.    Reggae Club International
26.    Oyo State Student Association
27.    Ebira Student Association (ESA)
28.    Erin-Ile Student Association
29.    Offa Student Union (OSU)
30.    Association of Student Affairs Officers of College of Educ. In Nigeria
31.    National Association of Ajasse – Ipo Student
32.    Ijagbo Students Union
33.    Ibo Student Association
34.    National Association of Agricultural Educators
35.    Ijara-Isin Student Union
36.    Economics Students Association
37.    Chemical Association of Nigeria
38.    Alumni Association of Nigeria
39.    Ogun State Students Association
40.    Isanlu-Isin Students Union
41.    Moro Students Association
42.    NCEcc Students Union
43.    National Association of Kwara State Students College of Edu (NAKSS)
44.    Oyun Student Union (OSU)
45.    National Association of Isin Student Union
46.    Osun State Student Association
47.    Catholic Students Association
48.    Lagos State Students Association
49.    Committee of Trade Unions
50.    C.A.C. Student Association
51.    Physics Students Association
52.    Committee of Unions in Tertiary Institutions
53.    Oro (Oro Ago) Students Association
54.    E.C.W.A. Students Association
55.    Edo- Delta Students Association
56.    Baruten Students Union
57.    Federation of Ogbomoso Students Union
58.    Ekiti State Student Union
59.    Integrated Science Students Association
60.    Business Education Students Association (BESA)
61.    Nupe Student Union
62.    Federation of Ikole Local Government Students Union
63.    Ekiti East Student Association
64.    National Association of Nigerian Student (NANS)
65.    National Association of Kogi State Student (NAKOSS)
66.    National Association of Ifelodun Students Union
67.    Federation of Irepodun L.G. Student Union
68.    Federation of Ibadan Students Unions
69.    Ondo State Students Association

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